David Archer offers a range of Automata workshops, held in your own venue.

“Wacky Wire Critterbug” workshops are a fun day where participants design and make their very own “Critterbug” using colorful wire, beads, aluminum shim, jewels, and small found objects to enhance their creation; the wackier the better!

The “Critterbug” will have flapping wings that move by a simple interactive mechanism and will be mounted on its own base, ready to be taken home and proudly displayed.

5 hour workshop

Suits 5-14 years age group

12 participants max.

All materials are supplied with this workshop.

Basic Automataworkshops are tailored for young people and adults in a more involved workshop where they can enjoy the unique experience of designing and constructing their own interactive sculpture. Participants learn the fundamentals of Automata, mechanisms, clay modelling, construction and decorating. With this basic understanding of automata principles, participants will be able to “bring their sculptures to life!” and gain insight into this rewarding art form.

“School Residencies” In collaboration with schools and staff, these workshops can be designed to offer students a wide range of activities and outcomes. They are held over multiple sessions, building confidence and understanding in students of what automata is and what it can be.

Students learn to combine art and science, as they conceive, develop then create their moving artworks.

Workshops or Residencies may sometimes accompany the “Archers Arcadia Roadshow” which may be on show” near the workshop venue.